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Kudos to my parents who pushed me into piano lessons at an early age.  At the time, I saw no purpose to daily practice.  Fortunately, it has allowed me to share the stage with many talented musicians, open up for professional groups, and travel out of state for overnight weekend shows.  Special appreciation to my wife for allowing me these many years to entertain fans who follow the various bands I have performed with.
Jeff's Favorites
Cartoon:    Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote
Candy:    Kit Kats and Snickers 
Cookie:    Home Made Chocolate Chip
Sport:    Baseball
Animal:    Cat
TV Show:    Anything on History or Discovery Channel
Actor:    Tom Hanks
Actress:    Halle Berry
Collection:    Action Figures
Movie:    Lord of the Rings Trilogy
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steel creek country music band
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